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The Bastap - Otap - Delicacies

Delicious Otap

Sweet and Authentic
The Bastap - Rosquillos - Delicacies


A Full and Original Treat
The Bastap - Galletas - Delicacies


A Crunch that Lasts


₱ 215

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Assorted Set of Delicacies



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Product Highlight

Stay Healthy with Malunggay Delicacies

Promotes Health

Malunggay (Moringa Oleifera) promotes general well being, but also a lot more. Read on and see

Immune Booster

A good source of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals baked into every snack

High Nutritional Value

Popular the world over and known to pack a lot of nutritional power. A great addition to your diet
The Bastap - Malunggay Otap - Delicacies

Organic Product

All natural, innumerable benefits, and still tasting as good as you’d expect.

Quality Ingredients

Carefully sourced, processed with the highest standards, and developed to be cost-effective

Multiple Products

What started as the popular Malunggay Otap  is now growing to new products

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The Bastap - Otap - Delicacies

Otap (Regular)

₱45.00 / ₱80.00

An oval-shaped puff pastry cookie generously sprinkled with sugar

The Bastap - Rosquillos - Delicacies



A delectable cookie that means “ringlet” in Spanish as coined by Pres. Osmeña

The Bastap - Galletas - Delicacies



A hard biscuit that is crisp on the edges with a lasting, longing taste

The Bastap - Eggnog - Delicacies



A small bowl shaped treat that are irrestible to finish

The Bastap - Patatas - Delicacies



Delicious unsweetened square cracklets that are impossible to put down

The Bastap - Huevos - Delicacies



Egg cracklets that are thick, square-shaped with upturned edges


Our Happy Patrons

Testimonials - The Bastap
Maj Pineda
Marketing Manager - GCAP
via Facebook

I've tried the otap and it tastes really good. Perfect! ... If you try to open 1 minipack, you'll just get 3 or more and won't stop. A perfect match with my coffee!

Testimonials - The Bastap
Dr. Ailz Jaugan, RN, MBA, JD
College Professor, Businesswoman
via Facebook
I did not expect Carmen has this otap. Bastap Otap is the tastiest Otap I have tried so far. The best!
Testimonials - The Bastap
Martem Tyrell Cui
Customer Operations Specialist
via Facebook
The Otap is just the way I like-- flaky, crunchy, not so sweet, and with a bit of salt. You can never go wrong with it. Perfect for pasalubong and snacks for the whole family.
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The Bastap - Cebu City Hub - Talamban
2nd Floor, Piazza Elisea, Talamban, Cebu City 6000
The Bastap - Lay'Se Cafe - Santa Fe
G. Borraska St., Santa Fe, Cebu, 6047 Central Visayas
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